Wordless Wednesday #1

Wordless Wednesday posts are images from Ardnamurchan and the surrounding regions – Sunart, Morvern, Ardgour, Moidart and the Rough Bounds. They have no accompanying text or description. I will try and ensure they were photographed in the same month, though not necessarily the same year, that they appear online.

I hope you enjoy them.

2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #1

  1. Archie McLellan

    Wonderful. You got right down there for a chat? Frogs, lizards etc are so immobile (until they move) that you’re safe with 1 second at f22 on a dull day – except that you’d be so midge-bitten, you probably wouldn’t last that long yourself!

    1. David Post author

      Ha! Midges? Not in Ardnamurchan. At least, not when there’s a breeze or the sun is out. On still, muggy days – particularly first thing in the morning – they can be a bit trying, but a heady combination of ‘Skin So Soft’ and Smidge seems to keep the worst of them away. We’ve had a pretty dry Spring which is always good to keep their numbers down …

      However, if it wasn’t for the nightmare stories about picnics ruined, walks spoiled, BBQ’s abandoned etc. due to the dreaded midges we’d be overrun with visitors.



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