Wordless Wednesday #2

Wordless Wednesday posts are images from Ardnamurchan and the surrounding regions – Sunart, Morvern, Ardgour, Moidart and the Rough Bounds. They have no accompanying text or description. I will try and ensure they were photographed in the same month, though not necessarily the same year, that they appear online.

I hope you enjoy them.

2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #2

  1. Archie McLellan


    People of a certain age in Mallaig will often describe a dramatic sky, especially when colourless grey with a marked separation of sunlight and cloud, as a ‘Schueler sky’. Jon Schueler was an American painter who lived in Mallaig in the late fifties and then from periodically from 1970 till his death in 92. He is very fondly remembered; he illuminated not just the sky for local people but a way of seeing non-representational paintings. His autobiography, The Sound of Sleat, was eventually published after his death, and after his widow, Magda Salvesen, had distilled it from the original typed single-spacing 3000 pages down to a tenth of that. It’s a great read. http://www.jonschueler.com

    I’m actually going to relive some of my time with Jon in the seventies by going to see a show of his paintings (and meet Magda) in London this weekend.

    1. David Post author

      Thanks Archie … very interesting. He is one of the very many artists I’m unfamiliar with. I hope you enjoy the exhibition and the reminiscing. That photo is one of several I took that day … all are much better in B&W than colour and some are even more dramatic with the edges of the cumulus almost blown out highlights against the darker body of the cloud. However, this was one of the very few that also included the skyline of the Morvern hills over the loch which – in my view – improved it.
      Have a good trip,


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